Our Curriculum

The curriculum is exceptionally important to our school, our children and their development in the broadest sense.   Our intent is to ensure that all children maximise their potential,  achieving the highest academic results possible whilst ensuring that they develop to be well rounded and confident individuals who have developed the ability to learn and take ownership of their own development.  

We provide a bespoke curriculum which acknowledges Ashley Primary’s unique characteristics and meets the needs of our children.  Our pupils will learn how to keep safe in all areas of life, as well as to become understanding British citizens who make a positive contribution to their community and wider society.  Aspirational expectations combine the acquisition of knowledge and the progressive development of skills to create a purposeful and imaginative learning journey for every child. 

Our curriculum reflects the social, historical and geographical features unique to the location of the school and seeks to enrich the learning of pupils by developing links with the local business and cultural community.

The key curriculum drivers for our school: 

  • SMSC Development
  • Well-being
  • Childhood Experiences
  • Oracy and Use of Vocabulary
  • Non-negotiable – Basic Skills
  • Acquisition of Knowledge

thread through our care provision, teaching and learning across the whole school, ensuring that our ethos is consistent and progressive from EYFS to Year 6. These values underpin British society and as such, we feel that they play an integral role in shaping our curriculum and approach to life at Ashley Primary.

Extracurricular activities play an important role in promoting development and self-esteem by affording pupils the opportunity to work cooperatively and express their aesthetic and physical skills.

Whole Curriculum Vision

To find out more about how we plan and teach each of the specific subjects, please click on the image below. In here you will find our:

  • Subject Summary
  • Subject Intent Statement
  • Subject Implementation: Golden Threads Mapping; Sequences of Learning; Knowledge and Skills Progression Documents; and Knowledge Organisers
  • Subject Impact: End Points and Assessment Opportunities